Mediaweek wraps TV season

Mediaweek has its final TV edition today due to the closure of Your Money channel.

Mediaweek will have its final episode on Your Money today with longtime host and editor James Manning (pictured right).

The interview show which has been screening for 10 years, predominantly on SKY News Business, will wrap following the closure of the Nine-News Corp venture Your Money.

Mediaweek TV started life in 2009 with a weekly program at 2.30pm Thursdays on the SKY News Business channel.

The idea for the show was hatched by then-SKY News CEO Angelos Frangopoulos and Mediaweek editor James Manning.

Guests in its first few weeks included media agency CEOs and then Network TEN boss Grant Blackley. Over the following 10 years Manning appeared each week with co-hosts included Kylie Merritt, Bridie Barry, Brooke Corte, Ingrid Willinge and James Daggar-Nickson.

The show regularly spoke to the CEO’s from Free to Air, Subscription TV, Radio, Magazine & Online and often included talent, from Grand Designs UK host Kevin McCloud to Nine’s Eddie McGuire and 10’s Matt Preston.

“Kyle Sandilands nearly appeared one week, but he called on the way to the studio and apologised claiming he had a flat tire and wouldn’t make it in time!” Manning told TV Tonight.

“We’ve reported on location from all the Free to Air TV Upfront events and filed reports from London, New York, Dublin, Los Angeles, China and Bangkok over the years.”

Today the final guest is SMI co-founder Jane Ractliffe whose company tracks media ad spend. She will reveal how it has fluctuated between media platforms in recent years.

Manning wouldn’t rule out another TV home for Mediaweek and as the only TV interview show covering all aspects of the industry, here’s hoping it comes to pass.

Your Money channel ends transmission tomorrow.

Mediaweek 2:30pm Thursday on Your Money.

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  1. I didn’t realise this was still on. It isn’t coded separately, but just 15 minutes in the 2pm Trading Day Live hour. Recorded it and watched it. As unprofessional as always with the poor on screen graphics and James not being prepared and asking what was actually appearing on screen.

    They had some good guests over the years who provided interesting insights into various parts of the industry.

    It’s pretty sad what has happened to this network over the years. It used to be quite good about 4 or 5 years back but just seemed to gradually go downhill and dropped off a cliff when it rebranded.

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