Watch first 5 minutes of Prison Break

FOX turns to social media to get us excited for revived series, but Aussie fans have to wait...

US FOX networks yesterday released the first 5 minutes of the revived Prison Break through Facebook.

It’s a great way to whet our appetite for the series after an 8 year break.

But Aussie fans will have to wait with TEN waiting to see how the show performs in the US before scheduling it here.

That’s despite the network’s dismal ratings right now.

Better hope they don’t resort to illegal means to see the show and fail to front when it airs later. It’s not like Facebook is that well known here….

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  1. Wise move by Ten to hold off. They can’t risk having something that rates over 400k in their schedule at a time when the schedule is jammed packed full of ratings winners.

  2. Silly move 10, not fast tracking it means you already start on the back foot. If it is going to be a raging success a large portion of people will track it down and watch it before it hits 10. Failure? Well what else are you currently offering?

  3. I think they should fast track it, it is not like 10 has any other “hits” at the moment, at least if the fast tracking fails they can either delay further episodes(but still get alot of criticism for removing it from schedule), and show it at some other time? If they don’t fast track it, they are still going to be criticised for not fast tracking it and people are going to view it by other means anyway. In other words 10 can’t win with which way they go, get criticised for fast tracking it and then not or just not showing it for a few months, by which time fans of the show in australia would of watched it anyway and will be too late.

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