What happens to The Biggest Loser finale?

TEN keeps its finale plans under wraps but there are no changes to the $100k prize.

With changes to The Biggest Loser: Transformed‘s playout on TEN, some readers have been wondering what happens to the finale.

TEN originally announced a Live to Air finale, including voting by viewers, with a $100,000 prize on offer.

A TEN spokesperson said, “Viewers of The Biggest Loser: Transformed will still be able to enjoy the finale, and see the culmination of the incredible transformation of the contestants.

“We will announce the plans for the finale in due course.”

It means TEN could still deliver a one-off primetime finale (and I’m guessing they probably will).

TEN confirms the $100,000 prize money is not impacted by any scheduling changes.

Yesterday the show rated 89,000 viewers in its new daytime timeslot.

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  1. Almost A dollar for every viewer? LOL. I remember Seven still honouring the $1m prize for their flop, The Big Adventure, from a few years ago. I guess they can thank third lucky stars the prize wasn’t any higher than 100K

  2. I have my doubts that they’ll still be offering the $100k cash prize considering how dire the ratings have been, and the fact that the show has essentially been axed (I assume that all episodes bar the finale have already been filmed and edited). I figured that a primetime finale was still on the cards, but… why? Would any advertisers in their right mind even bother backing the finale at this point? It’s not even worth the production costs and airtime for the negligible return that TEN stand to make from airing a primetime finale. They may as well just cut their losses and do the same with The Biggest Loser. It makes absolutely no business sense to proceed with the finale unless TEN have foolishly contractually obliged themselves to do so.

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