TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2017

Whitejacketgate is the Biggest Blunder of 2017, and it's bad news for Karl Stefanovic & Yummy Mummies.

Amber Sherlock’s hissy fit in which she directed colleague Julie Snook to don a jacket before a Nine News Now broadcast was the biggest Blunder of the Year according to TV Tonight readers.

But it only just pipped a collective of dud shows: Yummy Mummies, The Last Resort, Real Housewives of Sydney & The Biggest Loser: Transformed.

The dreadful handling of the the Tim Worner – Amber Harrison saga by the Board of Seven West Media ranked third.

In other voting Yummy Mummies was voted the Worst Show of the Year ahead of Cannonball & Cram.

Breakfast TV stars remain in the firing line with viewers.

Karl Stefanovic was voted Worst Male and Most Overexposed Performer -he won both in 2016 and 2015. Sam Armytage similarly takes out Worst Female for a third year running.

Stars fronting more than one show take note: viewers will judge you as being Overexposed. This year Peter Helliar joins the list.

And shows that made Best lists yesterday can still polarise audiences including The Big Bang Theory and even The Good Doctor.

* denotes runaway winner.

Blunder of the Year: Whitejacketgate
Yummy Mummies, The Last Resort, Real Housewives of Sydney, Biggest Loser: Transformed
Seven board handling of Worner – Harrison affair
TEN loses FOX titles
Lachlan Murdoch, Bruce Gordon lose bid for TEN
(2016: 60 Minutes Lebanon debacle)

Worst Show (Australian): Yummy Mummies *
My Kitchen Rules
Family Food Fight
(2016: Married at First Sight)

Worst Show (International): The Big Bang Theory
The Good Doctor
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Man with a Plan
Wisdom of the Crowd
(2016: The Big Bang Theory)

Worst Male: Karl Stefanovic *
David Koch
Waleed Aly
Eddie McGuire
Andrew Bolt / Peter Helliar
(2016: Karl Stefanovic)

Worst Female: Samantha Armytage
Sonia Kruger
Lisa Wilkinson
Carrie Bickmore / Tracey Grimshaw
Julia Morris / Jessica Rowe
(2016: Samantha Armytage)

Most Over-Exposed Performer: Karl Stefanovic *
Grant Denyer
Eddie McGuire
Peter Helliar
Waleed Aly / Lisa Wilkinson / David Koch
(2016: Karl Stefanovic)


Tomorrow: Story of the Year, Best Pay TV Channel, Best Subscription Streaming Service, Best Free to Air Network.

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  1. I find it quite pathetic that any reputable site would have a ‘worst’ male and ‘worst’ female’ category… what’s the point.. so people can be trolls? these are people who entertain for a living, and many are on the so called ‘best’ list too. how sad. overexposed is one thing, but ‘worst’.. rethink is in order

    1. Most categories such as Worst Show are left blank so that there is no show overlooked. Some readers voted for BH but not as much as others. BH debuted July 4, ANW and YM both on July 9. It was not a case of YM replacing BH, they were both on together.

  2. I totally agree that Amber Sherlock’s hissy fit was the Biggest Blunder of 2017. The incident showed how being so precious and mean over such an inconsequential thing can lose you lots of brownie points. It brings to mind Nine News Melbourne fill-in weather presenter Rebecca Judd rudely rejecting veteran sports anchor Tony Jones’s attempted, friendly on-air farewell kiss on her departure in 2016. Tony Jones is a great bloke, one of Australia’s most talented, respected and experienced TV journalists with a fantastic sense of humour that has entertained viewers for years. Judd has her own TV presentation talents but what was she thinking?

  3. There are lots of Blunders in 2017 such as:
    1. Yummy Mummies, TBLT, TLR, RHOS launched (plus also Behave Yourself)
    2. 10 losing to Fox.
    3. Tim McMillan and Emmy Kubainski dumped from 9 News Perth.
    4. ABC2 Broadcast Of Liverpool v Sydney Game
    5. Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce gordon losing bid.

  4. So a trivial conversation about someone being told to put on a jacket is a bigger blunder than seasoned media tycoons putting hundreds of millions into Ten over decades, deliberately putting it into administration so they could ditch creditors (who were prepared to make deals), in order to take it over as a private company. And then losing every cent when CBS, a foreign competitor, out bid them to protect the revenue stream for their content. Social Media’s victory is complete — the definition of absolutely trivial has been inverted.

    1. Perhaps people are factoring in the fallout / damage control or they regard “Blunder” more lightly than yourself. In any case I would caution against taking a righteous view that your choice did not win a wider democratic vote, and one which was very close in this topic. And worth waiting for Story of the Year tomorrow.

  5. For me the worst shows of last year were Behave Yourself, Hell’s Kitchen Australia, Little Big Shots and Cram. The year’s biggest blunders were TEN losing FOX programs and 7Two replacing early Home and Away with Million Dollar Minute.

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