At 1.06m viewers MasterChef rides in like TEN’s white knight

Ratings: House Rules drops more than a third of its audience as Nine & TEN shows battle for new supremacy.

MasterChef has galloped onto TEN’s schedule like a white knight programme, launching to 1.06m viewers, pipping last year’s 1.01m premiere.

The show drew its biggest audience in Melbourne at 374,000 viewers, nearly 100,000 ahead of Sydney’s 275,000, topped the evening in the demographics and trended on Twitter. It helped push the network above a 20% evening share. For a network on its corporate knees it could not have come at a better time.

However The Voice held the slot at 1.17m viewers, ranking second in the demos. The biggest loser was Seven’s House Rules dropping from 1.00m on Sunday to 606,000 last night. It will try to rebound tonight with its first house reveal.

Elsewhere last night A Current Affair had its biggest numbers of the year at 1.02m viewers while The Chase continued to thump Hot Seat.

Nine network won Monday with 28.6% then Seven 26.0%, TEN 21.2%, ABC 18.1% and SBS 6.1%.

The Voice was best for Nine with 1.17m viewers then Nine News (1.07m / 1.06m), A Current Affair (1.02m), Hot Seat (550,000 / 327,000) and Brit Icons: Elton John (475,000).  Footy Classified was 135,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News was #1 with 1.2m / 1.11m for Seven then The Chase (750,000 / 462,000), Home and Away (722,000), House Rules (606,000) and Seven Year Switch (465,000).

MasterChef Australia launched to an impressive 1.06m viewers for TEN then The Project (653,000 / 424,000), TEN Eyewitness News (529,000) and Family Feud (409,000). A repeat of This is Us drew 236,000.

ABC News (745,000), Australian Story (685,000), Media Watch (668,000), 7:30 (627,000), Four Corners (607,000) and Q & A (526,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was SBS World News (171,000), Colombia with Simon Reeve (147,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (143,000) and House of Hypochondriacs (120,000).

Best on multichannels was ABC2’s Go Jetters! at 235,000.

A daytime Biggest Loser finale drew 92,000 viewers -more than a $1 for each viewer given the $100k prize.

Today: 307,000
Sunrise: 304,000
News Breakfast: 103,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 1 May 2017

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  1. I have to admit to being wrong about Laurence on House Rules. What a breath of fresh air he was last night. Dry wit, no cliches, and balanced opinion during the judgement. I now predict he will become a “thing” with viewers.

    And the producers have set up a definite team of villains, who will find it hard to win back viewers after last night’s nastiness.

  2. Only one million viewers? Sheesh, it wasn’t that long ago such a poor figure would have seen a programme immediately condemned and pulled from the schedule, or at best placed in a late night time slot.

    How times have changed. Just as well the broadcasters have decided to pool their advertising figures to paint a rosier picture.

  3. House Rules or Masterchef. You sorted it 7 with the worst House Rule ever. I never watch Masterchef during it’s first week, so I went with 7’s offering but 7’s tweaking of House Rules left me stone cold. I hate it. The new judges seem briefed on how to be negative/ad bait friendly. Wendy has lost her voice. Jo has sold her soul to the Channel7 devil (escape like Grant did)
    Gaudy houses with no flow. Tacky crap Channel7. First 2 seasons were good then you lost it. Masterchef for me next week.

  4. Anyone at 9 looking at the dreadful numbers for Hot Seat? It’s bad enough I have to listen to Eddie for 2 minutes towards the end, only because I like to watch my local News at 6 p.m. I wonder if 9 or any other Oz Network is looking at “The Wall”, shown on NBC in America. At least this game is interesting. Huge set.

    1. MasterChef is essentially on par, which in the current environment is good. The Voice is down but MKR was down by a bigger margin. In any case “biggest talking point” is given the headline accordingly. No need to steer the conversation.

    1. Given This Is Us hasnt been on for 3 weeks, I thought replaying the last episode and filling it full of promos reminding viewers its back after MC Wed was a good idea, should hopefully give it a nice bump up then. What else could they have shown there?

          1. No it recorded this is us because the series tag for that has higher priority than footy classified thus cancelling out footy classified. This week footy classified only had one airing on 9. There was no earlier airing on go.

  5. Go Masterchef! Happy to see it above 1m and beat House Rules – total people and demos. Looks like the trend from the last few years may continue, with Voice on top and House Rules last. Maybe no one likes the new judge on House Rules? Certainly appears As an arrogant prat in the promos. Hopefully the dire Seven Year Switch numbers are a sign of things to come for the Last Resort – I cringe at the promos for that, it looks like Aus will have a hard time connecting ” with those couples who don’t seem to deserve any sympathy. Seven Year Switch numbers bode well for HYBPA next week!

    1. First episode, you need some background on the people. This dwindles as we go on. In the end so much classier than some other rubbish dished up to us in the name of entertainment.

  6. I keep hearing people talk about last night’s Australian Story with Dr Woo. He is making a big impact. Four Corners was also a great show last night (which I don’t usually watch).

  7. The thing with House Rules is that it always starts off slow and builds (slowly) as it progresses. Whether that’ll happen again is another question. They’ll be promoting it even more now & standby for encores lol

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