Bachelor paparazzi shots looking for buyer

Minor Spoiler: Photos of final 2 choices are rumoured to be doing the rounds to media.

Minor Spoiler:

Paparazzi photos of The Bachelor finale are rumoured to be looking for a buyer.

Photos of Bachelor Matthew Johnson and his two final choices in scenes in Thailand are apparently doing the rounds.

Images on offer show the two women arriving at the final rose ceremony and waiting on the set where Matty J. delivers his decision.

The finale is said to have been filmed at Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa, east of Phuket island. A make-up artist posted a vague Instagram shot of a hotel room, with architecture that matches imagery of Santhiya resort.

The Bachelor franchise has previously been the subject of photographers and press speculation, including published shots of Sasha Mielczarek & Sam Frost’s hours before the The Bachelorette finale.

A TEN spokesperson said, “Media interest in The Bachelor Australia increases every year, which is testament to the enduring popularity of the show.

“While we cannot comment on speculative information that paparazzi might be trying to sell, it is a shame that their aim each season is to spoil the experience for viewers.”

Source: News Corp, Daily Mail

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  1. “…it is a shame that their aim each season is to spoil the experience for viewers.”

    While this is potentially a consequence, the aim is simply to make money. And who pays this money? The mainstream media who, as a whole, are guilty of sustaining this market.

    Ten are crying foul because it’s their show being spoiled this time, but next week or the week after, they’ll be happy to broadcast “news” that might spoil someone else’s show.

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