Bumped: Boy George special, Lip Sync Battle

Nine has apparently made some late changes to its schedule (what’s new?) and forgotten to send out amendments. Sigh!

So I apologise for late advice on these, including errors in yesterday’s newsletter.

Sunday is now:
7pm The Voice
8:30pm 60 Minutes
9:30pm The Boy with No Brain
10:30pm The Woman Who Ate Her House (seriously!)

Monday is now:
7:30pm The Voice
8:50pm Boy George: Piers Morgan Life Stories
9:50pm Footy Classified (Melb / Ade / Per)
9:50pm Love Child rpt (Syd / Bris)
10:50pm Botched

Lip Sync Battle moves to the following week. A Madonna Rebel Heart Tour special which has been scheduled twice, is now out.


  1. Thanks for the update DK. I wonder did the woman who ate her house also eat the boy with no brain’s brain? Quirky titles, why are these Sunday night shows? Sounds like filler.

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