Bumped: Boy George special, Lip Sync Battle

Late changes by Nine push Madonna Rebel Heart Tour out of schedule.

Nine has apparently made some late changes to its schedule (what’s new?) and forgotten to send out amendments. Sigh!

So I apologise for late advice on these, including errors in yesterday’s newsletter.

Sunday is now:
7pm The Voice
8:30pm 60 Minutes
9:30pm The Boy with No Brain
10:30pm The Woman Who Ate Her House (seriously!)

Monday is now:
7:30pm The Voice
8:50pm Boy George: Piers Morgan Life Stories
9:50pm Footy Classified (Melb / Ade / Per)
9:50pm Love Child rpt (Syd / Bris)
10:50pm Botched

Lip Sync Battle moves to the following week. A Madonna Rebel Heart Tour special which has been scheduled twice, is now out.

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  1. Thanks for the update DK. I wonder did the woman who ate her house also eat the boy with no brain’s brain? Quirky titles, why are these Sunday night shows? Sounds like filler.

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