Rumour: Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation reboot?

There are again whispers of interest in a reboot for Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation -potentially on a new network.

One broadcaster is understood to be showing “strong interest.”

But any return would also come without host Shaun Micallef who has both Mad as Hell and The Ex-PM on the way, preferring to work on his own projects.

Last November TV Tonight‘s fictional Upfronts floated the idea of Amanda Keller moving into the host role with team captains Denise Drysdale, Sam Pang & Joel Creasey. Readers even voted it their pick of the bunch in a site poll, said to have encouraged interest in a reboot.

One of the selling points of Your Gen is its broad demographic appeal, inviting viewers to sit down as a family unit in a highly-fragmented landscape. Shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention? are topping TV’s demos.

“Broadcasters are looking for alternatives to their schedule, particularly studio-based comedy,” said a source.

At the height of its 4 season run from 2009 – 2012, Your Gen was nudging 1.5m viewers for TEN.


  1. They should use the promo from Season 4 (2012), a season which was sadly caught up in Ten’s dramatic programming changes and flops and thus ratings and financial dramas…

    Shaun (opens van parked in a lot):

    “Charlie… I’m getting the old team back together”

  2. Most of the shows humour came from Shaun Micallef! I think it could work with 2 or 3 new team captains but Shaun needs to be in the drivers seat.

  3. Some thought a reboot of Spicks & Specks was a good idea…. and look how that ended.

    A new, original and entertaining idea would be a much better way to go.

      • Spicks and specks didn’t work cos it didn’t have any of its cast members on it and the first show was on air for such a long time.
        Your gen reboot would be different cos it will have most of its core players back, only missing Shaun which is greatly disappointing but could work with someone else equally as funny….. Julia Morris anyone??

        • “Only missing Shaun…” Not sure where you are hearing core players are returning, I think you will find that is not the case if it resumes. I believe Julia has also tested as host.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          Wouldn’t have been a reboot if it had the same people – would’ve just been a series return.

          These things always suffer in comparison with much-loved originals. ABC also continued with repeats of the original on ABC2 which can’t have helped.

  4. A reboot would be great, but Sean and Charlie are absolute musts.Amanda was only so-so before, and she is awful on the Living Room. She is best when bouncing off someone else’s genius. Quite happy to lose Josh Thomas, but Joel Creasey would be almost as bad.

  5. Firstly, no such thing as “mellenials” when talking about your generations (see what I did there guys?). We technically have Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha currently. The original show just stuck with the former 3, there’s scope for 4 in a reboot.
    If they’re doing this, host needs to be as spontaneous as Shaun but the Captains be a mix of up and coming comics and stalwarts you don’t see around: I’m thinking Community Channel (from YouTube), friendlyjordies, Denise Scott
    It allows the stalwarts to show why they’re famous, and gives exposure to the next Josh Thomas of comedy.

    • Normally I’d agree with you, but I think TBYG would have some legs. Nostalgia is still a huge craze right now, so if it could conceive some original games and get some great comedians on board, I think it could still do well.

      The only reason it bombed in the end was thanks to Ten flogging repeats of it due to their barren schedule.

      I’d love to see ABC pick it up, I think they would treat it well. That said – if Micallef isn’t available then I don’t know who would do well as a replacement host.

  6. Yes

    Use to watch it every week and loved the opening segment with Shaun and then the theme!

    Whilst for nostelgia it’d be great to see the old crew come back on Ten, doubt it’ll happen.

    It’d probably be a warped version, completely new team and network.

    Didn’t Fremantle Media produce?

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