“Small edit” in Doctor Who following Manchester bombing

A section of dialogue which refers to terrorism has been removed for sensitivity, says BBC.

This week’s episode of Doctor Who will have a section of dialogue removed as a mark of respect to victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester.

RadioTimes says the excerpt in The Pyramid at the End of the World made passing references to terrorism as part of a more general discussion of threats to Earth.

“Following the tragic events in Manchester, we have made a small edit to this week’s episode of Doctor Who,” a BBC spokesperson confirmed.

It isn’t the only change in UK schedules this week. Jimmy McGovern’s new northern drama Broken was replaced by an episode of Blue Planet, while Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge was edited to remove a hoax bomb plot storyline. General election campaigning was also suspended.

The rest of Doctor Who will remain unchanged. It screens in Australia on ABC and iview this Sunday.

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  1. I remember a couple of years ago in S8 “Robot of Sherwood” was also edited after an attack in the US but this show is not the only one, Many years before an entire Buffy ep was delayed after a school shooting in the US. Friends and other shows actively edited out the Twin Towers after they were bough down in 2001. While some this might be a sign of respect there needs to be common sense when it comes to things like this, most will probably never know this has happened but for the fans we will know through news an chat sites.

  2. I’m of the same thought, why edit things out or like Mr. Robot did delay by a week. Especially if this was a general discussion about threats to the Earth and terrorism was mentioned, isn’t that letting them win in a sense by changing what we get to see. If anything, the endless news cycle on it was worse as it was giving them the publicity they crave, they could cut back on that perhaps and just have 5 minute hourly updates.

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