Update: The Chef’s Line

Friday episode with Maeve O'Meara is now getting an earlier outing on SBS.

SBS is making an adjustment to its playout of The Chef’s Line.

From next week the Friday edition with Maeve O’Meara will screen first at 8:05pm on Thursday nights, replacing the repeats of Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong. A 25 minute “preview” episode will feature Greek restaurant Alpha, next Thursday.

Maeve O’Meara goes inside the kitchen of Alpha restaurant. Maeve and the chefs’ line will reminisce about the week and delve into delicious new dishes. Chef Natalia makes quail with feta and watermelon salad, apprentice Matthew makes tasty loukamades, and executive chef Peter cooks up a beautiful lobster and haloumi tart and his new invention, baklava muffins.

The full 30 minute edition remains at 6pm Fridays.

So far Chef’s Line appears to be averaging between 50,000 – 80,000 viewers.

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  1. It’s a pleasure to watch a cooking show where the contestants are friendly and support and acknowledge each other nicely and it’s mostly about the recipes. (much like masterchef).

  2. I really like this show. It features more home cook style recipes rather than dessert firecrackers (though still love you MasterChef). The presenters have a nice chemistry as well.

  3. So TEN / the production company haven’t sued SBS for copying Masterchef yet? 50-80K sounds good, but the important info is how that compares to previous shows in the slot.

  4. Will they still be doing the Saturday afternoon “binge watch” repeats?

    It’s a good solid show in the style of the Masterchef challenges (but without the drama/pressure, such as it is!), and we’ve been enjoying it. Let’s hope SBS get a few more series out of it.

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