Guy Sebastian on talent shows (again)

Guy Sebastian has again made comments about his time on The X Factor that sound like he must he been very unhappy.

Explaining that he was coaxed to return because the commitment was only 5 weeks, he said, “So I did it and I can’t say I was in it, I didn’t feel like I was in it,” he told KIIS FM.

“I feel like it’s good that it’s going on a break.”

Last year he told media the show was brutally short.

This week he continued, “I think we just need to let talent … mature a little bit, we need to let the pool of talent develop. I think everything has its time and we’re so saturated with all of this stuff and it’s probably a good time for it to be rested.”

He also said quite a few applicants on The Voice had tried their hand at X Factor (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Meanwhile TEN’s Australian Idol finds itself in the rumour mill this week, but TEN has not confirmed any revival.

Via: News Corp


  1. Well what he says is true. We are a bit over-saturated with these shows. It’s good X factor is taking a break. People were obviously tired of it as the ratings of last season confirmed. I also hope idol doesn’t come back just yet either, at least not while the voice is still going strong. I think one singing show at a time is enough. If only some of the cooking/renovating shows would suffer the same fate of xfactor and would go and take a break for a while.

  2. Stop whinging Guy. You would of got well paid for 5 weeks work. I loved Xfactor and would love to see it back but not with whinging Guy.

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