Laurie Oakes’ scoop goes global

From TIME to NY Times & BBC, media love a good old-fashioned scoop.

Laurie Oakes’ scoop with PM Malcolm Turnbull mocking US President Donald Trump at the Mid-Winter Ball has attracted international headlines.

“The PM presumably thought Mr. Trump would never find out,” explained Oakes, “because journalists attending the ball are supposed to agree not to report what happens. Well I don’t go to the ball and an audio tape has just happened to leak, plus a sample was posted on Instagram.”

Amongst the media to report the video are:

New York Times
Washington Times
Financial Times
New York Daily News
Hollywood Reporter
The Telegraph
FOX News
The Guardian
Huffington Post
Arab News
and more….

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  1. Discretion is the better part of valour and Oakes appears to no longer have either. He has certainly gone down in my estimation these last couple of years.

    He can’t have been unaware of how this might affect Aus-US relations given how sensitive and petulant Trump is.

    The source should be relatively easy to identify since it won’t be too hard to work out who was sitting at the place where the footage was shot from.

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