Renewed: The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

In his season finale last night host Charlie Pickering told viewers The Weekly would be back for a fourth season in 2018.

The series produced by Thinkative TV will also return for its annual wrap in The Yearly with Charlie Pickering.

Thinkative also produces Hard Quiz which returns on August 2nd.


  1. Thanks David! Good to hear. Just not sure what I’ll do for my weekly take on news until next year. I think it should be on air for the whole ratings period!

  2. I continue to watch The Weekly but I have several frustrations with it. Charlie’s interviewing skills have improved, however, the chats with Kitty, Tom etc. are just so staged. And Briggs is painfully unfunny. I hope they lose him next season. Also, Hard Quiz is infinitely better than Hard Chat.

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