Report: Shane Warne miniseries “on hold”

Seven may have gone cold on its next bio drama.

Seven was  silent when asked about the state of its Shane Warne miniseries, the Herald Sun reports.

The Screentime project, announced late last year as part of Seven’s 2017 slate, is yet to announce casting.

The two-part project has reportedly been put back on the shelf, following lacklustre reactions to bio-dramas this year.

While Warne was not supportive of the idea, he does have an appearance in Seven’s upcoming Behave Yourself panel show.

“… ideally, we’ll have it ready for the end of the year. But if not we’ve got it for the start of 2018,” Head of Programming Angus Ross previously said.

Seven also has its Olivia drama, featuring Delta Goodrem, which it announced for 2017 -but which cannot contractually begin promotions until Nine’s Voice has run its course.

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  1. good, all of the biopics, including the inxs one have been lousy. Bad acting, bad script and the use of music is very predictable, along with the overuse of T & A in most of them.

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