Returning: Shark Tank

Shark Tank returns for its third season later this month, now moving into an 8:30 Tuesday night slot.

Hosted by Sarah Harris, sharks Steve Baxter, Janine Allis, Andrew Banks, Naomi Simson and Dr Glen Richards all return, ready to sink their own money into new inventions and business plans.

Executive Producer, Paul Leadon, said: “Shark Tank’s new season has really hit its straps. We have a seamless production and an even more diverse range of entrepreneurs and products. But most importantly, our Sharks have come to play. They are taking no prisoners, with the entrepreneurs or each other”.

TEN is yet to confirm plans for NCIS beyond June 13.

The inventions and ideas floated in the Tank this year range from the wacky to the wonderful. They include the world’s first portable outdoor gym, an app that help cancer patients, a vegetarian seasoning with the flavour of bacon and a device that could save the Great Barrier Reef. In a record-breaking Shark Tank first, one entrepreneur will secure a massive $2.5 million from one of the Sharks, marking the biggest investment in local Shark Tank history.

Tuesday, 20 June at 8.30pm.


  1. (as an NCIS viewer I wish the title of this reflected its disappearance from the schedule)

    Is NCIS rating poorly with the loss of Michael Weatherly & lack of fast tracking this season? I saw the ad for this starting last night (I haven’t been able to watch NCIS from this week yet) & was quite surprised that they would touch NCIS for anything else – not when they’ve got new episodes to air. NCIS & SVU are reliable in that you can expect that for most of the year they’ve got repeats or new episodes of them. I didn’t watch NCIS from the beginning but at least as long as I’ve been watching it its had that Tuesday timeslot too so why screw with something which works? Unless it isn’t working now which if it isn’t I’d point towards the lack of fast tracking. Aren’t they still showing repeats of SVU on Thursdays? Why not replace that with Shark Tank or if they really want that to be…

  2. 8.30pm ish on Tuesday nights is NCIS time. I can’t for the life of me fathom ten’s thinking to change that for the last 5 episodes of the season. Ten already made the choice not to fast track and have now left themselves in this position when the final episode aired in the USA mid may. They should’ve found another timeslot for shark tank. Wrong choice.

    • I agree 8.30 is NCIS time, not that I watch it live anymore, too many adds, and running late. I suspect they’ll push the last few episodes to 9.30, and push NCIS LA to 10.30, LA only has 3 episodes to go I think

  3. I really like this show. Will feel odd not having it on Sunday nights but it’ll flow well after Masterchef so for those reasons, I’m in.

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