Auditions: marriage makeover show

Television’s appetite for relationship shows is never-ending.

Now producers of The Block have their sights set on a new renovation show for Nine, but this time it’s not houses they are making over, but couples.

“Is there something about you that you have always wanted to change or improve?” a casting notice asks. “Have you or your better half let yourselves go? This new show could be exactly what you need to reignite your life and marriage.”

The unnamed series is hunting for couples in committed long term relationships to participate in a “new transformational television show that will see them working with leading industry professionals on a complete makeover, inside and out.

“Ideally couples will be married but due to current Australian law we recognise that excludes same sex couples,” it continues. “If you are a same sex couple and would like to apply for this opportunity we welcome you to do so. Similarly if you are in a long term defacto relationship you are also welcome to apply.”

All entrants must have video footage of their wedding / commitment ceremony / significant event that they are willing to share for broadcast.

The Block is produced by Cavalier Productions.

 Applications close midnight 25th August, 2017.


  1. And the slow death of Australian FTA TV continues. While overseas on demand can produce outstanding series like The Handmaids Tale, Australia continues to churn out rubbish like this.

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