Huh? Where’s Q&A?

Q&A is off air tonight in an unusual mid-year break for the show.

ABC will instead repeat its Recognition: Yes Or No? special.

This marks the first time since 2009 the show has been off-air mid year, when it screened two shorter seasons in its formative years. In fact in recent years Q&A has had extra editions mid year, with themed specials around LGBT, population and science topics.

Updated: An ABC spokesperson advises, “Due to Parliament sitting through to December, Q&A is extending its on-air season. As the budget allows for a certain number of programs each year, there has been a reallocation of on-air dates. There are two nights the program will not be on-air during the usual 2017 programming season: tonight (10 July) and 25 September. This will allow Q&A to broadcast on December 4 and 11 and so wrap up the political year after Parliament rises.”

Virginia Trioli & Jeremy Fernandaz have recently been guest hosts, filling in for Tony Jones who returns next week.

Meanwhile ABC is also without new contact at 8pm Wednesdays following the end of Anh’s Brush with Fame, resorting to QI repeats from this week. Hard Quiz returns on August 2nd.

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