Matt Moran to lead Family Food Fight

Celebrity Chef Matt Moran will be kept busy as the lead judge on Nine’s Family Food Fight. He’s already the judge on LifeStyle’s The Great Australian Bake-Off, one of the network’s previous attempts at a cooking title.

He will be joined by former MasterChef favourite Hayden Quinn and ‘mohawked’ pastry chef Anna Polyviou with UK food critic Tom Parker Bowles (The Hot Plate) returning to Australia as a guest judge.

Produced by Endemol Shine, Family Food Fight is an original concept that sees six families go head-to-head in the kitchen, tasked with cooking a range of varied cuisines.

Updated: The series title as “Australia’s No. 1 food family” comes with a  $100,000 cash prize. Nine indicates the show will air on multiple nights across several weeks later in 2017, meaning it could potentially follow The Block in Nine’s calendar.

Challenges will see the families catering for traditional family occasions, feeding an array of special guests and recreating tried and true recipes.

Tapping into the families’ different cultures and backgrounds, Family Food Fight will be rich in tradition and home-style cooking, with family recipes and sumptuous home cooking shared among the generations at its heart. The focus will be on accessible meals and aspirational home cooking that the Australian public will be inspired by.

With a mix of fast-paced cooking fun and heaped helpings of good humour, the competition will capture the unique family dynamic, with mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, kids, husbands and wives all cooking their hearts out to take out the coveted top spot.


  1. carolemorrissey

    I wonder if it will go up against Marco Pierre White’s new show on 7. I’ll give it a go & see what it’s like. I actually enjoyed the Hot Plate & hoped they would do more.

  2. I feel sorry for TEN. Endemol Shine takes the crew from MasterChef, the talent from MasterChef and then creates a rival franchise.

    No wonder TEN are in such financial woes.

  3. Nine pick top off talent from MasterChef’s pool (can’t say I blame them or the talent for wanting regular gigs) but Nine have the perfect recipe for blandness when it comes to these shows so I’ll have a look, but my hopes ain’t high to want to stick around.

  4. Seems like yet another MasterChef copy-cat.

    I don’t blame Nine, when they see two of the Top 3 regular programs in 25-54s every year are MKR & MasterChef (i.e.) attempted The Hot Plate.

    Moran co-hosted MasterChef in 2011 & was a guest chef in 2010 & 2009.

    Anna’s still on MasterChef (making some of the most difficult and popular desserts).

    And Hayden… Speaks for itsself.


  5. thedirtydigger

    Original concept …hmmm … sounds like Come Dine With Me just with more family members. This is about as original as any other TV food competition…sounds a lot cheaper than the MKR knock off The Hot Plate. Same old Same old…doesn’t anyone have any imagination in TV these days ?

    • It’s been said there are only 7 ideas in storytelling: Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches, The Quest, Voyage and Return, Comedy, Tragedy, Rebirth. This one appears to be The Quest. When we use the term “original format” in TV we mean “has not been produced in another territory.” SBS recently did The Chef’s Line which was cuisine based, which in turn felt a bit MasterChef. It all comes down to execution & casting really.

      • It’s also been said there’s 3, or 20, or …

        (Though I guess “Adultery” or “Slaying of a God” aren’t really good concepts for a reality cooking competition show…)

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