Memories of Good Morning Australia

Studio 10 today reunited key members of Good Morning Australia (1992 – 2005) including Rob ‘Belvedere’ Mascara, Rhonda Burchmore, Tonia Todman, Ken James, Elizabeth Chong & Phillip Brady with crosses to John Foreman, Susie Elelman and Moira McLean.

Broadcasting from “Studio Bert” in TEN’s Como studio, the only glaring absentee was Bert but Patti & Lauren Newton represented the family.

But after much reminiscing, Bert phoned it in….

“It was a wonderful 14 years with a lot of wonderful people. I’m so grateful for what you’ve done this morning,” he said.

“The only reason I’m not there in person is I’ve not been well with pneumonia. It’s still an ongoing thing. I’ve got to be careful. If I get it again it could be a case of (singing) ‘da da dum dum.'”


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