Returning: Hard Rock Medical

Season 2 of Canadian drama Hard Rock Medical returns to NITV next week.

This is a co-production with Australia’s Moody Street Productions. In addition to Aussie Mark Coles-Smith, it has Aussie writers involved.

The 8 part series screened in Canada in 2015.

The hilarious and inventive Hard Rock Medical is back on NITV for a second season. Extracting buckshot from a hunter’s head in a mosquito-infested tent at the edge of a swamp
before morning coffee isn’t the best way to start the day.

But that’s reality at Hard Rock Medical. Instructed by a charismatic and diverse medical faculty, eight students are initiated into medicine in the most hands on way possible.

Episode One: Trouble
With the school on hiatus the students pursue personal interests – but the break is anything but quiet. Trouble lurks as Charlie and Gina search for the missing diamonds, Farida tries to shake off her past and Healy and Nancy appear to be on a self-destructive journey.

Saturday, 22 July at 8.30pm on NITV.

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