Returning: NCIS

NCIS returns to TEN soon for the continuation of episodes that were halted some weeks ago.

S14 E20 “A Bowl Of Cherries” returns at 8:30pm Tuesday July 25.

After a vice admiral’s laptop is infected with ransomware, he enlists McGee and the NCIS team to track down the hacker before the computer virus eliminates his personal and professional files.

But it is the other changes surrounding it that are far more telling.

Shark Tank moves to a 7:30pm slot on the same night.

That means a 2.5hr slot on Monday July 24 as a dead cert for the MasterChef finale. This will likely prove the signal for Seven to unleash Hell’s Kitchen Australia.

All it has to do now is navigate around the end of Australian Ninja Warrior  (yet to be announced) and the start of The Block on July 30.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been waiting for it to return. This episode has Bruce Boxkeitner guest starring. One of my fave actors.

  2. Does anybody really need NCIS to be fast tracked though? It’s not like what happened in the episode released a few hours ago will be front page on the news papers.

    • What an odd comment. So by your logic every current US and UK TV shows should be a slow release, just because it doesn’t make the newspaper.

  3. I thought that might be the case with Shark Tank, as apparently Survivor bosses have insisted that for the live finale etc to work and stick to its agreed date and for the story not to get muddled up over 3 episodes a week it can only play out 2 episodes a week.

  4. I’m glad it’s coming back! It should never have been taken off – this time or the last (when they lost 500K viewers they never got back). I just wish they would leave it alone. It used to be their (Ch 10) top rating US show – until they took it off last time! Just let those of us who like it enjoy it!

  5. seantheaussie

    I loved 13 seasons of NCIS, but rejected this season with prejudice. At first I thought it might be the lack of Michael Weatherly, who I have liked since Dark Angel, but I eventually realized it was the writing that had become terrible. What finally ended it for me was a British agent shooting an innocent man and it was treated as no big deal.

    What total and utter bull****!

      • Episode 1405

        “Gibbs sends Bishop and Quinn to Philadelphia to work with MI-6 Officer Clayton Reeves on the murder case of a British operative. Meanwhile, Quinn deals with the NCIS case that caused her to leave the field.”

        • Not in this epsiode – Philly. I don’t see that Agent Reeves killed anyone. Agent Quinn said she felt it was her fault her cop partner got killed. Quinn and her then partner had been fighting and she got a phone call from him. Her cop partner got one from her husband and child to say goodnight, but stupidly got out of the surveilance car to give Quinn privacy. Quinn said she feels responsible for her partners death and that she had been too distracted by her own problems and as they were undercover, she should have insisted her partner stay in the car.
          Early in the episode British Agent Reeves found a dead sailor in an alley while looking for his (turncoat friend) Agent Finley, but he didn’t kill him. Later Agent Finley shot a guy in the leg after he ran when NCIS turned up but he didn’t die.

          • seantheaussie

            Agent Findlay shooting the innocent guy in the leg without consequences and Bishop? on the phone saying dismissively “Just a flesh wound” was the final straw for me.
            In the JAG and NCIS that I knew and loved, he would have been arrested and charged immediately. The reactions of the NCIS agents were completely unreasonable.

          • Flesh wounds are just that, it wasn’t serious thats why Bishop didn’tover react to it. Findlay was rogue and got his upcomings, doesn’t mean he wasn’t charged with that offence as well, just because it wasn’t shown as an arrest. He thought the guy was apprehending because he ran off when they caught up with him and Finaly over reacted because he thought he was killer. This is a television show and guidelines are often bent a little at times with some explanation as to why.

          • The writers thought it would be dramatic for Findlay to shoot someone wrongly, but as they wanted to use him later in the episode he was not arrested immediately like he would be in real life, or a reasonable facsimile of real life. Having the characters do what you want them to do, rather than what they want to do is just crap writing.

            Bishop in my opinion, wasn’t giving a report on the victim’s medical condition, it was just the writers lame attempt to explain why Findlay hadn’t been arrested. If you unreasonably shoot at someone, let alone hit them, you get arrested, full stop.

          • Finlay was an agent, not an ordinary street person who would have been arrested right away. Agents who shoot and wound people are interviewed by someone like Vance to see if there is reasonable doubt about what happened and then if so they are charged. Well when you have ony about 42 minutes to run an episode you can’t be over pacific with scenes and explanantions. I’m enjoying the show, regardless of some flaws, which all TV shows have.

  6. So close to the end of the series I can’t understand why it was pulled. is it any wonder people prefer to download than be strung along by FTA channels with their now you can see it now you can’t attitude

    • Or like I’ve said in other comments, I don’t bother trying to follow NCIS on FTA, just better off to watch something else on Netflix or DVD and just wait for the current series to be released on DVD.

    • And they will give some bullshit reason not to fast track NCIS such as viewers won’t be subjected to unexpected breaks but they don’t hesitate to put in ridiculous illogical breaks of their own.

    • It’s not a mystery. Channel 10 had to show Shark Tank after Masterchef on Tuesday, and didn’t want to waste new eps of NCIS at 10pm during School Holidays when no one would watch them. They have returned NCIS to its usual timeslot as soon as they could.

      Ten aren’t fast-tracking NCIS anymore and month’s a break isn’t a big deal. If it had been fast-tracked then we would have gotten many more weeks of repeats scattered in amongst the new eps because of the production breaks in the US. Ten will air every ep for free.

        • All eps of this season of NCIS will air free on Ten. On DVD you have to pay and wait till for the DVD release, on Foxtel you have to pay and wait years before the eps air and they will be stripped and full of ads.

          But there is no guarantee that S5&6 of Elementary will air free on Ten, this year or ever. Ten put repeats of S4 on instead of S5. Either they are saving S5 for something else, which seems unlikely. Or they tried to onsell the exclusive first run rights to cable or streaming, or they figured outthey could get out of paying if they hadn’t screened them and they went into administration. Later seasons of You’re The Worst, or iZombi, or The Last Ship may never air on FTA or cable either.

          Waiting a few weeks for episodes isn’t the end of the world when it costs you nothing is all I’m saying.

          • Pertinax thanks for reminding me I haven’t seen season 5 of Elementary yet 🙁 Now I am grumpy on a sunny Sunday.

            Bloody channel Ten, no wonder they are bankrupt.

          • Your being too simplistic. There is a cost. Playing around with tv shows annoy viewers, effects the brand via negative feedback, eventually costs viewers not only for that tv show but makes the viewer reluctant to try other content on you network. The competition for channel 10 isn’t just 9, 7, abc, sbs, its Netflix, its stan, its fetch, its Foxtel, its youtube, its podcasts, its dvds, its reading a book, listening to music or anything else one does to entertain themselves but the message isn’t getting through.

      • If you look at how NCIS aired this season in the USA ten could’ve easily aired 9 eps before the big bash started (if fast tracked within a week there would’ve been a break of one fortnight only). If it returned in February after the big bash they have four unaired episodes up their sleeves which covers the production breaks they had. Whilst not ideal as a same week airing due to spoilers its better than this crap they’ve pulled. Its not rocket science. NCIS starts in sept and ends may the following year. Make it work within that period not this nonsense where its mid july and we are still waiting for the five remaining episodes to air.

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