TEN slips in Family Feud special, but holds off Shark Tank, NCIS.

TEN has amended its schedule for next Tuesday, opting not to take on Nine’s Australia Ninja Warrior finale.

Instead of Shark Tank and a returning NCIS, it will now repeat an All Star Family Feud edition with Bachelor vs Bachelorettes.

They tried their luck at love in front of television audiences and now the stars of the 2016 seasons of The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette go head-to-head on tonight’s episode of All Star Family Feud.

All in the name of charity, team captain Osher Günsberg leads merry bachelors Richie Strahan, Dave Bilsborrow and Davey Lloyd.

Star of The Bachelorette Australia, Georgia Love captains a bevy of beauties including Alex Nation, Keira Maguire and Heather Maltman. Which team will come out on top and receive the final rose?

I suspect those who watched it last time already know who gets that final rose, so the sentence is superfluous.

TEN is yet to confirm a new return for NCIS.


  1. Sounds like Seven and TEN have given up trying to get viewers away from Ninja Warrior. Reminds me of the 1970s when Number 96 on TEN was such a ratings powerhouse that Seven put repeats of On the Buses and Great Temptation (an early form of Sale of the Century) up against it just to stay on air while it was on.

  2. Looks like Ten have changed their mind about moving Shark Tank to 7:30. According to the Foxtel EPG instead Survivor will be on three times a week again with Shark Tank to follow at 9. NCIS is again out of the schedule.

  3. Yeah i agree with the previous comments I don’t watch ninja it dosent intrest me but i am watching shark tank after discovering it this year and am quite enjoying it ten and especially seven shouldn’t wave the white flag not everyone watches ninja

  4. Hmmm … I thought it was too good to be true that CH 10 was giving us the 5 episodes of NCIS we haven’t seen yet! I hope it is on the next week! (I won’t be holding my breath!)

    It would be really refreshing if at least one network actually put on shows other than reality that others might want to watch! (Or is that too hard?)

  5. Good move by 10. A week out is hardly late notice these days.
    Shark Tank has been going well for them, why expose it to what is probably going to be the highest rating non sport show of the year?
    As for NCIS, its a 8.30 Tues show pulling in less than what Shark Tank is in that slot.
    With all that said, I would hope to see both returning the following Tuesday.

  6. Too bad if you want to watch something other than ninja’s. 7 and 10 are operating in fear of ninja’s and testing people’s patience in the way they have scheduled and pulled programs of late. Its ridiculous.

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