Today celebrates 35 years

Former Today presenters including Steve Liebmann, Liz Hayes, George Negus, Tracy Grimshaw, Monte Dwyer, Sami Lukis, Georgie Gardner and Steve Jacobs yesterday celebrated 35 years of Nine’s breakfast show (sadly no Brian Bury?).

“I never regarded it as hard work or a job,” Liebmann said. “I made great friends and in a way, we were trail blazers, and we made great breakfast television.”

The hosts reflected on the early years, in a clip you can see here.

Officially launched as The National Today Show, the show premiered on 28 June 1982.

But suggestions that the show was first overlook that TEN’s Good Morning Australia preceded Today in 1981.

Still, Today is the longest-running of them all. Congrats.


  1. “Good Morning Australia preceded Today in 1981.”

    Which is correct but there were various versions of today shows even as back as the 1950s. Channel 7 in Sydney had a Today show in the late 1950s hosted by Ray Taylor and Peggy Toppano. In the late 1960s Mike Walsh and Bobo Faulkner hosted Today for GTV9, later replaced by a dual Sydney-Melbourne program hosted by Tony Charlton and Diana Ward. Then Seven again had a Today show across Sydney and Melbourne in the 1970s. Even Channel 10 in Adelaide had its own Today show screening six mornings a week in the 1960s. If Nine’s current Today crew think their show was first they are quite mistaken.

    • References that “it was a new concept when it started” are a bit of a stretch. Even as national. Also claims they were the only breakfast TV show in town and other networks wanted a piece of the pie…. yes, but that was later not earlier, after GMA’s demise in 1992.

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