Filming to resume on Doctor Blake Mysteries

Filming is to resume on Doctor Blake next week.

All cast are returning for the telemovie which will wrap the fifth season on ABC, later this year.

The show’s future, if any, from there is unclear.

Star Craig McLachlan has previously said, “It’s not coming to an end and that’s all I can say about it.”

Global fans at SaveDoctorBlake now have over 15,000 signatures and rising for their social media campaign.

In April the show won a Bronze Medal in the category “Best Television Drama series in the World” at The New York Film & Television Festival.

Doctor Blake returns to ABC later this year.


  1. This would be a good opportunity for Netflix to pick up the series, as they could stream existing seasons globally, and continue it on. Compared to the US Netflix shows, the budget of this one would be substantially lower.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Given ABC’s recent mediocre dramas (and their ratings) ABC management would have to be bloody-minded not to say ‘yes’ to another series.

    • I think you may have confused “Doctor Blake” with “Miss Fisher” – she’s the one who seems to be able to dodge bullets, pull off unbelievable feats of skill against million to one odds, and dress up in a costume all the time…

  3. Love this show. Glad they are at least ending it in some way. Hopefully it will be open ended. Why is it when you get a great show they want to cancell it, yet others that are annoying and trashy live on. Murphys law. I’d like the Miss Fisher Mysteries to return as well.

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