Madeleine West return leaves Neighbours fans guessing

Madeleine West made a surprise return to Neighbours last night leaving viewers questioning whether she was back as Dee Bliss or Andrea Somers, who recently impersonated the long-deceased Dee.

Seen sitting on a park bench (in a flowing white dress reminiscent of a wedding dress!) beside “Unknown Person,” it left fans in a tizz.

Even the credits indicated “Special Appearance by Madeleine West,” avoiding a character name.

A TEN source told TV Tonight her appearance was all part of the ongoing storyline involving Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Sonya (Eve Morey) and a “will they / won’t they get back together?” after the whole Andrea debacle.

West is currently filming The Wrong Girl for TEN and appears in Get Krack!n for ABC.

Via: Digital Spy


  1. Neighbours can get stuffed! I came back to Neighbours after 3 years of not watching because “Dee” was coming back! turned out West was playing a totally different character and the writers and producers of the show gave fans the middle finger!! Even Madeline West said herself she only came back because “Dee” was such a much-loved character and her last episode came in second in a fan poll after in Kylie and Jason’s wedding in the 80’s

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