TEN shows move to WIN TV in Northern NSW, Gold Coast: guide

WIN begins broadcasting TEN programmes in Northern NSW and Gold Coast from Friday September 1.

The WIN Network’s purchase of television assets and operations covers Newcastle, Tamworth, Taree, Coffs Harbour, Lismore and the Gold Coast.

From September 1 TEN will be broadcast by WIN on Channel 5.

TEN HD screens on Channel 50. ONE will move to Channel 51, ELEVEN will broadcast on Channel 52, TVSN is on Channel 54 and Gold is on Channel 55.

Viewers may need to rescan their television sets on September 1 as their favourite programs may be on a different channel number.

WIN Network CEO Andrew Lancaster said, “We have Australia’s largest regional television network and we have proven ourselves to be committed to working with each and every one of our communities.

“By teaming with Network TEN we are supplying a programming line-up with the ability to appeal to a broad audience and we look forward to engaging with our new viewers.”

While most digital televisions, Set Top Boxes and Digital Video Recorders will automatically locate and update the new channels, some older devices may not automatically update. If this is the case, viewers may see a black screen or the phrase ‘no signal’ on the screen on the channels where they used to watch Ten, One or Eleven.

Re-scanning your television set on September 1 is simple and fast. Just check your manual or, in the menu on your remote, search for set-up and take the auto-tune option. Be aware you may need to re-allocate favourites or any special options you have on your set.

To help viewers with any enquiries about the channel changes, WIN has set up a telephone hotline and has posted FAQs on its website.

WIN Support Line: Ph 1300 640 166.


  1. Those WIN watermarks are absolutely ridiculous. Aren’t there any rules and regulations about this sort of thing? Is there somebody I can complain to? ACMA? Free TV?

  2. Viewers should also get used to WIN News which quite often does pseudo stories about what Bruce Gordon thinks about a particular issue, promoting Gordon’s other business interests and Gordon’s political campaigns including lobbying the government to change the reach laws and telling viewers that WIN would stop broadcasting local news unless the government did it.

    Oh, and I think someone has also mentioned the bright blue WIN billboard in the corner of the screen during shows.

      • Yeah, miles off (it’s population, not area or markets or anything). From memory, the broadcaster really close to it is 7 – with Sunshine/7 Qld, they’re less than 0.5% below the 75% limit.

        • Just quickly looked a bit further into it.

          From WIN’s numbers, they’re at ~30% reach.

          ACMA’s current (2016-based) numbers for the Big 3 are:
          7 (5 Metro + regional QLD) : 74.51%
          9 (5 Metro + Darwin + northern NSW) : 73.96%
          10 (5 Metro) : 67.31%

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