60 Minutes: Sept 10

On 60 Minutes Karl Stefanovic interviews Olivia Newton-John (despite Seven having an upcoming bio-drama) plus questions around gender identity, and singer-songwriter Jack Johnson (US).

Our Olivia
A year ago, almost to the day, Karl Stefanovic interviewed the wonderful Olivia Newton-John for 60 Minutes. His story was about how successful she had been professionally and how she overcame personal hurdles, including a highly publicised but long-beaten battle with breast cancer. During that story they played tennis together. Olivia didn’t mention it at the time but her back had been a bit sore, although she dismissed the pain as the normal aches of advancing years. Then, four months ago, an MRI scan revealed the truth, Olivia’s cancer had returned, more than two decades after she was given the all clear. Like the rest of the country, Stefanovic was stunned and saddened when he heard the news, but in Olivia’s first television interview since the recurrence of her disease, she tells him how determined she is to defeat it this time around.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producer: Garry McNab

Who Am I?
From an early age Patrick Mitchell knew he was different to other boys. He felt more like a girl and he wanted to be one. When he was 12, doctors in Adelaide diagnosed him with gender dysphoria, a recognised condition where a person is born one sex but thinks they’re another. Of course Patrick’s mum Ali only wanted the best for her child, and to help him transition to life as a girl she took the drastic action of giving her now daughter hormone replacement drugs. But a few months ago the unthinkable happened. The 14-year-old girl decided she really was Patrick the boy after all. Now, as he and his mother explain to Ross Coulthart, the great unknown Patrick faces is determining whether the treatment to become female has already progressed too far.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producers: Steve Jackson, Eliza Berkery

Accidental Rock Star
Jack Johnson is everything a rock star shouldn’t be. Quiet, humble, and more likely to be found surfing his local Hawaiian waves, or spending time with his family, than raising hell on tour. His reluctance to embrace the excesses of celebrity is probably due to the fact he quite literally fell into the business after a shocking surfing accident which almost killed him. To pass the time as he recovered, Jack picked up a guitar, and as they say, the rest is chart-topping history.
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producers: Laura Sparkes

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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