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Maeve O’Meara returns to SBS in October with Food Safari Earth, a 13 part series showcasing how multicultural Australia cooks with fresh vegetables, exotic fruits, herbs, grains, pulses and flowers cultivated by Mother Nature.

Maeve O’Meara said, “Food Safari Earth is one of the most inspiring series we’ve made – each day after filming with chefs and home cooks who draw on recipes from around the world, I can’t wait to get into my own kitchen to try and recreate those fabulous flavours.” –

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald, said: “Our audiences love Maeve O’Meara and Food Safari – they delight in the show’s knowledge, understanding and passion for food of all cultures. We’re thrilled to be bringing an inspiring new series to audiences that showcases how the freshest seasonal produce can create amazing flavours, colours and textures. Food Safari Earth is a visual delight featuring the top chefs and best cooks of multicultural Australia, combining food as art with practical, achievable recipes.”

Australia’s empress of food television, Maeve O’Meara returns to SBS with Food Safari Earth, exploring how multicultural Australia cooks with the delicious variety of fresh vegetables, exotic fruits, herbs, grains, pulses and flowers cultivated by Mother Nature.

Each of the 13 episodes explores a different range of ingredients through the eyes of prominent members of the Australian food scene, from authentic home cooks who have migrated from Ethiopia, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and more; to hatted-restaurant Head Chefs like Danielle Alvarez, Martin Benn, Peter Gilmore, Guy Grossi, Andrew McConnell, Tetsuya Wakuda, and Frederico Zanellato.

Maeve uncovers ancient methods and techniques passed down through the generations alongside high-end scientific dishes and classic vegetable-driven meals from around the world.

Filmed across the four seasons and with unprecedented access to some of the best Australian farms, gardens, and production lines, Food Safari Earth features a vast array of recipes that present the earth’s treasures at their absolute best.

“This series will inspire food lovers and introduce all Australians to imaginative ways of creating with vegetables. There’s no doubt vegetables are the new black and they’re damned sexy!” – Maeve O’Meara.

Thursdays at 8.00pm on SBS from 12 October.

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  1. Love Maeve (and not just the name..*G*)….from back when she was on BH&G…..
    Grew up on meat and 3 veg. English style food…totally love the variety we have now…I embrace multiculturalism …so much wonderful food…..Looking forward to this…

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