How much does a half-hour of branded entertainment cost?

How much does a half hour of branded entertainment cost?

Obviously it depends on the network and timeslot, but as we know weekend daytimes are full of the stuff, along with more than a few on multichannels.

One of the shows Nine used to screen on Sunday mornings was The Conversation with Alex Malley. Sponsored by CPA Australia (Certified Practising Accountants) it featured Malley interviewing guests such as Peter Overton, Deborah Knight, Laurie Oakes, Germaine Greer, Michael Clarke, Alexander Downer, Derryn Hinch, Nadia Comenci, Rudi Giuliani, Gai Waterhouse and Henry Winkler.

Last night Media Watch revealed the figure CPA spent on the series after Malley was sacked as CEO.

“And an investigation has now revealed that his TV ego trip cost members $4.16 million in 2015 and 2016,” Media Watch revealed.

“This included $1.2 million spent on advertising Malley and his show to the public on trams in Melbourne for example.”

The pricetag -which presumably includes production costs- also seemed to include appearances on Today and Nine publicity spending time promoting the show (oops, despite all those press releases it got no coverage around here).

After CPA stopped its sponsorship Malley’s Today show spots ended. Nine told ABC Malley’s role was “based on merit and audience engagement” and had nothing to do with CPA spending millions of dollars with the network.


  1. I watched “In Conversation with Alex” with a view to see what he was trying to say, but I’m a cynic.
    I watch (well, tape) a ton of telly because it’s my thing. I enjoy the television landscape and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.
    I don’t enjoy branded television unless it’s upfront about it. The food shows on TEN in the afternoon should at least say they have sponsorship from Keens.

  2. “Nine told ABC Malley’s role was “based on merit and audience engagement” and had nothing to do with CPA spending millions of dollars with the network.”

    We believe them 😉

  3. I would like to know how much those odious people like James and that hideous English woman on the morning infomercials get paid.
    I’m trying to have a coffee, but I can’t because, guess what? It’s the best ladder in the ever!
    And I haven’t even tried putting my makeup on an orange yet!
    But wait!
    For the fifth year running, we are only going to have the first 36 callers obtain this very special offer for the viewers.
    You need this all new, not in shop grape peeler or you’ll die!!!!!
    So call now, because it’s a limited offer, oh, wait, sure, we’ll double it!!!”
    (Presenter Janey Seal wets her pants)
    Can’t wait for the Funeral Insurance…

  4. Channel 9 probably couldn’t believe their luck. Fancy someone willing to pay $4M for a show at a dead-time during the footy off-season. The people who should be peeved are CPA members who saw their subs wasted on the self-aggrandisement of a supposed CEO more interested in himself than the people who paid his salary.

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