Leigh Sales: “That’s a lie.” Jeff Kennett: “I apologise.”

The fallout from 7:30‘s Amy Taeuber story has taken an unusual turn today with Seven West Media board member Jeff Kennett taking to social media to criticise ABC.

But 7:30 host Leigh Sales hit back and reporter Louise Milligan also weighed in.

An ABC spokesperson tells TV Tonight, “All the allegations were put to the Seven Network well ahead of broadcast, multiple times.”

Kennett has since apologised.

Yesterday a Seven West Media statement said: “The program broadcast on 7.30 on Monday night on the ABC was neither accurate nor balanced. The allegations aired were not put to Seven for reply.”

TV Tonight understands ABC contacted Seven on Monday morning (not afternoon) and was subsequently issued the following statement:

“There was an investigation into alleged breaches of Amy Taeuber’s employment contract. She was dismissed because of what she said during the investigation, which conflicted with the facts and not for the reasons you’ve suggested.

“Seven’s HR team did not try to build any case against her and their investigation was not related to any complaint made by Amy about other staff.”

Jeff Kennett, a founder and former chairman of Beyond Blue, was previously criticised by a magistrate after taking to social media and claiming a “one-sided public portrayal” of the Amber Harrison / Seven scandal was unfair.

Today he maintained the company addressed conduct complaints “quickly and throughly” and were not taken lightly, “particularly by the Board.”


  1. spectrum warrior: like many others of Hus ilk, he misrepresented Australia as PM.
    Are we still paying him?
    When others retire they cease to be paid.
    This has to change.

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