Returning: Highway Patrol, First Dates

Seven shows will fill the slots vacated by that cooking show next week.

Highway Patrol returns to Seven with new double episodes on Monday and dating series First Dates is back next Tuesday night.

This confirms Seven is running without a stripped show across its week with Little Big Shots on Sundays and Border Security / The Force on Wednesdays.

Highway Patrol 7:30pm Monday Sept 11
“Dangerous Daydreamer / He’s A Stalker!”
A dangerous driver cops an earful when she’s caught going over the speed limit. Then, a police officer cops one heck of a serve when he catches one of his regular offenders.

First Dates 7:30pm Tuesday Sept 12
We meet 30-year-old truck driver Jake who is looking for someone who can accept his life on the road, Jennifer who unapologetically “loves love” and Karen who is a self-confessed lover of “the finer things in life”.

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  1. New double episode for Highway Patrol? Not likely.
    “He’s A Stalker” episode was aired last year when Ash Bowden was accused of stalking.

    Channel 7 is doing exactly the same thing that Channel 9 does with RBT, new episode with an old episode put together and I am getting sick of it!

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