Shaun Micallef reviving Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation -on Nine.

Exclusive: A TV favourite will be back before the cameras, but on another network.

EXCLUSIVE: Shaun Micallef is returning to Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation after a 5 year absence -but this time it will be on Nine not TEN.

The ITV Studios Australia has been commissioned for a short run of 6 episodes, due to go before the cameras next month.

But it isn’t clear who the Team Captains will be -formerly Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering and Josh Thomas.

“I have heard that he is doing it again,” Amanda Keller recently told TV Tonight, “But I haven’t heard more than that so I will be intrigued to see who the team leaders are. Will they stick with the Baby Boomers, or maybe now enough time has elapsed they could do Generation X, Generation Y and a Millennial? I wonder whether they will skew young?

“Josh was the charming Gen Y and they are now in their 30s -so they’re not as stupid as we’d like them to be! Or as opinionated about the stuff that none of the rest of us understand -which is what his charm was. So maybe they need to go younger again?”

The Australian-developed format ran for 4 seasons on TEN from 2009 – 2012 enjoying up to 1.75m viewers and a who’s-who of guest stars. This year’s newest TV hits have all been family shows: Australian Ninja Warrior and Little Big Shots, putting a Your Gen revival with the Mad as Hell (also due to return in 2018) star in the box seat.

Former TEN programmer David Mott subsequently worked for Nine before heading up ITV Studios Australia, enabling the project to proceed.

Keller admits she would jump at the chance to represent the Baby Boomers again.

“In a heartbeat if I was asked! But I don’t think it’s on Network TEN!” she declared.

The Living Room and Generation may have a similarity in the style of programming. If I was a guest on something it might be different, but I think as a team regular it might be outside the bounds of what they like.”

Last November TV Tonight suggested the show was worth reviving, subsequently topping a reader poll of potential Upfronts ideas.

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  1. I think this has potential. I can absolutely envision Julia Morris in place of AK. If not, what’s Gina Riley or Jane Turner up to? Other potential names to float around… Merrick Watts, Sophie Monk, Rhys Nicholson… just to name a few.

  2. Yes!!! Won’t be the same without the same team captains but hopefully it will work, don’t know much channel nine persons. Could Scotty cam or Shelley craft be one captain? I would have said Julia Morris but maybe not due to jungle.

  3. It’s chanel 9 so this could be hilarious if they go with the right people and by that I mean a trainwreck.

    It’s Channel 9 so Baby Boomer: Eddie McGuire, Gen Xer Rebecca Maddern (because hey Ninja Warrior), GenMill: Tom Ballard (gives them a safer option than Joel Creasey), plus Tom has hosted QA and would fit the Pickering part. Of course if Eddie is on the panel, Shaun will likely rib him mercilessly and the show will last as long as Micallef Tonight.

    Though with the right people as Captains it would work, expand the panel to 4 and have a Generation Z person, then GenMill could go up a notch, with someone like Tom Ballard taking the spot. Tom has hosted Q&A and that could put him in the Pickering type position, who for Gen Z I’m not sure, but not many knew Josh Thomas at the time so a fresh face would be good.

    1. It’s Channel Nine so:
      Boomer – Richard Wilkins (wouldn’t be a bad call, he’s a bit awkward and would contrast with Shaun)
      Gen X – Michael Slater (Cricketer, has mainstream appeal, loves a chat and a joke)
      Gen Y – One of their female newsreaders – Sylvia Jeffreys?

      1. Yeah true didn’t think of that when I put Gen Z in my all over the place reply above, like you say a 16 or 17 year would likely find it hard going, even with a slight of a grasp on Pop Culture.

      1. I know, it cracks me up too. The people on here saying they would watch it on 10, but not on 9. This blinding, faithful (and not reciprocated) loyalty and love for one network over another truly astonishes me.

        1. Exactly. You could play a game with these type of posts where you drink a shot every time you correctly predict who is going to put down a show because it’s not on the commercial network that their remote is apparently stuck on (it’s always the same people).

          On some days you would be drunk before lunchtime!

          1. In some cases yes that’s true however it is also true that some programs are made better by different networks big brother on ten was better kath and Kim was better on abc.

        2. I agree, I don’t understand it either. I couldn’t even tell you what channel half the shows I watch are on. I record everything, I see a show I think I might like and hit series tag and that’s the end of it. The only time I have to worry about what channel a show is on is if my recording has stuffed up and I have to chase it up on a catch-up site.

  4. Oh great news, I used to love this show. Be interesting to see who they have as team captains. Would love Amanda Kellar to still do it. Julia Morris did House Husbands on 9 & I’m a Celebrity on 10 so it’s possible to be on 2 different networks.

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