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Will The Last Ship sail after season 5?

Fans of The Last Ship noted with interest that cast member Travis Van Winkle recently posted (and subsequently deleted) on Instagram after wrapping production on Season 5, referring to a “series wrap.”

TNT responded with a statement, “We shot two seasons simultaneously, the fourth is currently on the air and the fifth will return next summer. We greenlit the fifth with the idea that it could be the final season, however it’s far too early to make that determination.”

But Deadline is speculating any return is unlikely.

“I hear those involved in the series do not expect it to go beyond five seasons,” it notes.

The Last Ship star Eric Dane was recently approached to star in a new TV series and, while he ended up passing on the project, I hear he had been made available and is free and clear to take other jobs. Additionally, I hear Season 5 is not ending in a cliffhanger, which could’ve been used to write off Dane’s character and would’ve made it harder to end the series.”

It screens in Australia on Stan.

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  1. As happens with post apocalyptic shows the first season benefited from a strong start with good production values, believable characters and plenty of creative enthusiasm from the writers, maintaining just enough action for viewers to want more for season 2, but season 2 is all The Last Ship had going for it, the original thread of the plot had to be revised more than once to provide the desired extended 5 seasons the show required. it then became a standard action genre show minus the modern Seahawk helicopter and any sense of who is truly in command as enemies spring up everywhere, not even the perfunctory firefights and the strained action hero status of Eric Dane, who looks like he’s had enough,can make much sense of the ridiculous proposition that the worlds fate is one container of seeds stolen by a megalomaniac scientist and Capt Chandler is the only one able to save us.

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