ABC primary channel beats Seven on Monday

Ratings: ABC shows lift on Monday as Seven weathers an uneven performance, grateful for its multichannels.

Led by Four Corners battling it out with Have You Been Paying Attention last night, ABC’s primary channel scored second place last night, relegating Seven to third.

HYBPA? won its timeslot with 782,000 but a Four Corners look into the NBN was narrowly behind at 774,000. Seven’s Manhunt trailed behind Menendez Murders with a disappointing 243,000.

The Block may have topped the night on 1.17m but it was down due to a special looking at best rooms over previous seasons. 7:30, All Star Family Feud and The Grand Tour followed.

There was better news for Seven with Seven News and The Chase winning slots, as did Nine’s Current Affair. Seven’s multichannels helped its overall network performance and at least new titles are in play next week.

A Q&A debate on marriage equality won its slot with 617,000 up on last week’s 541,000.

Nine network won Monday with 28.5% then Seven 25.0%, ABC 21.1%, TEN 18.4% and SBS 7.0%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.17m then Nine News (946,000 / 916,000), A Current Affair (870,000), Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (531,000), Hot Seat (492,000 / 280,000) and Chicago Justice (237,000).

Seven News won its slot with (1.00m / 995,000) for Seven followed by Home and Away (762,000), The Chase (590,000 / 375,000), The Grand Tour (487,000), Manhunt (243,000) and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders just 147,000.

Four Corners (774,000), ABC News (704,000), Media Watch (667,000), 7:30 (634,000), Australian Story (619,000) and Q&A (617,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Have You Been Paying Attention? (782,000) led for TEN then The Project (566,000 / 374,000), All Star Family Feud (561,000), TEN Eyewitness News (440,000), Family Feud (315,000) and Man with a Plan (315,000).

On SBS The World’s Most Extraordinary People drew 203,000 followed by 24 Hours in Emergency (184,000), River Cottage Australia (177,000) and SBS World News (117,000).

7TWO’s Doc Martin topped multichannels with 214,000.

Today: 285,000
Sunrise: 267,000
News Breakfast: 92,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 23 October 2017

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  1. I was on streaming catch up last night….Designated Survivor (this is getting way too soft and preachy), Riviera (like it) and Ep5 of Star Trek….did you know the F bomb was dropped twice around the 20 minute mark….that has gotta be a first for ST…..wtf…

    1. I don’t see the big problem with swearing in Star Trek, Data dropped the S-Bomb in Star Trek: Generations. But for some fans/critics the final frontier isn’t space, it’s swearing.

  2. Total off topic but what’s the go with The Secret Daughtr .No build up or promotion from channel 7 .The way they treat that show is weird , feels like a whole year since it’s been on ,alot of ppl might still not feel connected . My fav Aussie show hehe

  3. Went to watch Extraordinary People on SBS last night. Their own online guide gave 8:40pm as the start time but it actually started at 8:30 (in Perth). Ended up watching it on On Demand with an ad-blocker so your loss SBS (or your advertisers anyway).

    Also caught up with Thursday’s Media Bites and they quoted TV Tonight’s “Nine confirms $1.8m package” headline along with a shot of the current rainbow banner. Nice to see you get recognition.

  4. I watched abc live last night with Australian Story, Four Corners, Media Watch but when I realised Q&A was about same sex marriage I turned it off. The same sex marriage debate has been done to death particularly on Q&A and I don’t want to hear the same arguments again and again.

    On four corners I wanted to throw something at the screen everytime the man that currently runs the NBN with the foreign accent (sorry don’t remember his name) gave another perfect, polished response. I don’t understand how no one told him that that kind of an approach to an interview doesn’t go down well with Australian audiences.

    Glad 7 didn’t poorly last night. If you treat viewers like crap it will come back to bite you.

    1. tvf”The same sex marriage debate has been done to death particularly on Q&A and I don’t want to hear the same arguments again and again.”

      If the ABC felt it was important to have yet another go at SSM on Q&A, it should have been done when the vote was announced, not now when 75% of them have been sent back

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