ABC to revive Very Small Business

Wayne Hope & Kim Gyngell are returning to comedy about a hapless business for ABC.

2008 sitcom Very Small Business is making a comeback as Back in Very Small Business.

Gristmill (Upper Middle Bogan, The Librarians, Little Lunch) will revive the show following further misadventures of Don Angel (Wayne Hope) and former journalist Ray (Kym Gyngell), as the company’s sole employee.

The show ran for just 6 episodes in 2008, but since then creator / producers Wayne Hope & Robyn Butler have enjoyed further success with ABC Comedy.

In the new series the still-dysfunctional company has an ethnically diverse and psychologically fragile workforce, for which Don receives government subsidies.

Production is due to begin in Melbourne later this year for 2018.

Source: Fairfax, C21.

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  1. I watched this back in the day.

    I have no memory of it otherwise except for the fact that I found it to be particularly dull. If there had been a second season, I wouldn’t have tuned in.

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