Airdate: Instant Hotel. Returning: The Secret Daughter.

Seven has finally confirmed the premiere for Instant Hotel and the return for The Secret Daughter.

Both will debut on Melbourne Cup day, Tuesday, November 7, no doubt bolstered by heavy promotion throughout the race.

Instant Hotel screens at 7:30pm and continues at 7:30pm Wednesday & Thursday next week.

5 couples; ‘Mother and Daughter’ Babe and Bondi from Bondi Beach, ‘Fussy Couple’ Brent and Leroy from Port Douglas, ‘High School Sweethearts’ Mark and Jannine from S.A along with ‘Newlyweds’ Sam and James from Byron Bay head to our first Instant Hotel in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory owned by ‘Young Parents’ Adam and Kathy who are opening their newly built tropical oasis to guests for the first the time. Hosted by Luke Jacobz and series judge Juliet Ashworth.

The Secret Daughter returns at 8:35pm November 7. There will only be 4 remaining weeks meaning some doubles are likely if Secret Daughter is to tie things up in survey.

Desperate to connect with her real family, Billie (Jessica Mauboy) meets her mother’s sister, only to have it confirmed she is Jack Norton’s daughter, launching her back into the centre of the family she just fled – the Norton’s. 

After turning her back on the Norton’s and a record deal, Billie (Jessica Mauboy) is desperate to connect with her real family. So, Gus (David Field) takes Billie to visit her mother’s sister – the formidable Aunty Mim (Rachael Maza). While learning about her mother, Billie discovers the photo that proves once and for all – she is Jack’s daughter. Billie fronts up the Norton family, determined to start over and find out more about her father. 

The Good Doctor will screen its third episode on Thursday Nov 9 (it screens on both Tuesday & Thursday this week).


  1. Still not a good look good for such an amazing show . Feels like a last minute scratch in , but I’ll take it being on Melbourne Cup Day , the least they can do is flog the hell out of the promos .

  2. I don’t understand why it is screening so late in the ratings year and may end up with doubles to rush it through?! Shows poor planning, yet they lament a poor second half. Surely Secret Daughter was ready when 800words wrapped? I realise they may have been awaiting the end of Block, but that seems wrong! ABC can plan drama for Thursdays every week? Why not other networks?

  3. I hate when TV networks have a show on a certain night for the premiere only to move it the following week. The networks wonder why shows are not pulling what they used to. The Good Doctor is a fantastic drama and Seven already messing with it before it premieres.

  4. Re ‘Secret Daughter’. Difficult to imagine why Seven has held back this excellent Australian production until so late in the year. They could have spared us ‘Yummy Mummies’ and scheduled it earlier.

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