Lisa Wilkinson: ” I never got the chance to say goodbye to you all.”

Former Today show host Lisa Wilkinson has sent a brief farewell message to Today show viewers via Instagram:

“It’s been a helluva week. I’m only sorry that I never got the chance to say goodbye to you all…the incredibly supportive, engaged, opinionated, clever and wonderfully diverse audience of Today.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the fun years we shared, and for welcoming me into your homes each morning. It has been an absolute privilege.

“PS. This pic is from Karl’s and my very first publicity shoot way back in May 2007. Look at us, we were babies!!”

On the weekend there were more reports about her contract breakdown with Nine, speculation about gender pay parity, discussions with The Project and photos of her collecting her belongings from Nine’s Willoughby headquarters.

Just another week in Aussie TV.


  1. It woulda been so good of Today to bend the rules and allow her a dignified final farewell. It would have done the show and the network massive favours.

  2. Still never understood how she ever got up in the morning. I mean if it was me the alarm clock would have been smashed to pieces and she did it for over 10 yrs and still manages to smile!

    • It’s amazing what you’ll do for a dump-truck full of money. It’s just a pity she did it so long for a Tonka-full, compared to Karl’s mining haul truck…

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