Returning: Behave Yourself. Update: The Goldbergs, Criminal Minds.

Some changes to Seven’s line-up next week with unaired episodes of Behave Yourself back in the schedule and extra episodes of The Goldbergs.

Sunday Oct 15
11:15pm The Goldbergs Han Ukkah Solo
11:45pm The Goldbergs O Captain! My Captain

Wednesday Oct 18
7:30pm The Grand Tour
9:05pm Behave Yourself
10:05pm Criminal Minds “Green Light”
11:00pm Chicago Fire “One Hundred”

Thursday 19
11:15pm The Goldbergs “Snow Day”
11:45pm The Goldbergs “Agassi”
12:15am It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “A Cricket’s Tale”


  1. I wonder if Seven thinks that The Grand Tour can give Behave Yourself a bit of a ratings win. All I say to Seven, just be careful how you treat The Grand Tour.

    • I’d be surprised if it does here. 7 notoriously holds back each new CM season – sometimes up to 9 months.
      But I suggest there’s a death rattle gurgling away somewhere in the showrunner’s suite… this show can’t survive for too much longer.

  2. Another game of programme shuffle by 7. Didn’t realise the Panel show had been dropped from the schedule. Can’t believe people would still be chasing the Goldbergs?!

    • Child of the ’80s, still chasing Goldbergs because it’s genuinely hilarious. The problem is 7 have given us so many repeats it’s difficult to keep track of what’s new and what’s not.

          • Goldbergs eps quote are S4 ep 10-13 (screened Jan-Feb 2017 in the US) which are new for channel 7, I thought I was keeping a pretty good track of this show but I think I have missed a couple for season 4. Currently in the US season 5 has just started.

            Thank you for keeping us informed as this is one of my faves.

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