Rumour: Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generations team captains?

It's bye bye Baby Boomers in the new-look Micallef game show.

Baby Boomers are out and Generations X, Y and Z are in, if whispers on yesterday’s recording of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation are correct.

Robyn Butler (The Librarians), Andy Lee (True Story with Hamish & Andy) and Laurence Boxhall (pictured, Ronnie Chieng: International Student) were said to be sitting at podiums yesterday at the first recording in Docklands Studios.

Also along for the fun were Eddie Perfect and at least one of the two ‘Kates’ from The Katering Show.

Nine is yet to announce the show or cast, expected to be confirmed at its Upfronts in Sydney this Wednesday.

While Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering & Josh Thomas may be ‘replaced’ this season, the ITV Studios production has kept key creatives intact, with producer Peter Beck and director Jon Olb resuming overseeing the show in the same studios where it filmed for TEN.

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  1. I use to only watch for it the brilliance of Shaun and Josh Thomas and their banter. Will give it a go but not expecting much. Hope i am wrong as i thought The Project was gone after Charlie and Dave left bit i now like it more.

  2. So the host and captains make it a 3 white men and 1 white woman panel show. I’m not sure how that fits in with the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network Charter which the Nine Network signed recently.

  3. Laurence Boxhall was in a show I worked on a few years ago called “Worst Year of my Life Again” and he showed some fine comedic talent both on and off screen. I think he’ll be one to watch in coming years, looking forward to this new series.

  4. That’s a pity as I quite liked Amanda Keller in the original series. It was nice to see some oldies clash with the young’uns and vice versa. I never particularly cared for Pickering or Thomas. It was Shaun Micallef who made the show what it is though. His quick wit and ridiculous one-liners is what made the original as enjoyable as it was.

  5. It’s a shame Amanda Keller isn’t coming back. I like her and she’s very funny. The other two dont bother me much as I’ve never thought they were really funny to start with. I used to like the old show. Not sure about the new people… I’ll give it a shot but I doubt I’ll see E.2

  6. A contentious issue since it has been considered Generation X born 1960s to early 1980s but for some reason it has been decided that the next generations range over a shorter period. Generation Y ends in the 1990s and Generation Z in the 2000s? I feel like Generation X will smash those generations about general knowledge yet again.

    1. Yeah it depends as well where you look, for instance in recent years and in hindsight there is a Generation Jones 1954 to 1965. This has been put in due to those coming of age in the 70’s and things for them going downhill, Thatchers England, the Oil crises, Golden Age Of Terrorism and etc., eyc. It was those that came out in the Punk Era and disillusioned with what had happened, so the angst say in the Sex Pistols made them Gen Jonesers (1975 when all that was happening I was turning 15). Where as The Boomers born prior to 1954 and the Xers born after 1965 didn’t have those things happening as they came of age, so now they aren’t as liberal when applying people to boxes of generations (plus technology has made generations change quicker).

      Though Australia wise of course there were those of us in our 30’s who struggled in the 90’s because of the recession we had to have, so…

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