Seven confirms AllFronts event

Seven has confirmed its Upfronts AllFronts for Friday October 27.

Seven will stage an event in Melbourne, including flying interstate clients and media. The event extends to an optional attendance at theĀ Rugby League World Cup the same day.

In recent years Seven has branded their event as NewFronts but it has a new name this year.

Seven welcomes you to a presentation of our hugely exciting Television and Total Video content strategy and innovation plans towards 2020 and beyond.


  1. I’d assume with the lightning motif: this event’s focus will just as much be about the launch of the 7plus OTT platform (inc. announcing launch date, confirming/debunking whether a premium service is in the works etc.), as it will be about the television product: hence branding the event as AllFronts, literally meaning: all fronts (from MKR to OTT video) will be covered.

  2. What is Seven’s problem with the standard term “upfronts” – it was newfronts last year, allfronts this year. What front are we going to have in 2018!?

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