Seven reporter in Las Vegas: ‘I was just 5 floors below’

Seven News US correspondent Ashlee Mullany was staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on crowds below.

“I was on the 27th floor, so just 5 floors below,” she told Sunrise.

“You could hear it, but you could feel the power of these weapons too.”

“It was just after 10.30 when I woke to the sound of these gunshots, we were staying in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and it was a thundering volley of gunshots that we could hear, so we evacuated, got down to the lobby of the hotel and that’s when it was just utter chaos,” she also told Seven News.

“It sounded like hundreds of shots and we’ve not heard there are two people confirmed killed 24 injured which would explain the number of gunshots we were hearing. When people have come out onto the street here. Police have started moving us back, we were initially about 50 metres across the road from the hotel and they started moving us back.”

Source: Perth Now



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