The Link ends this week

ABC has no plans for news & current affairs in its Friday 7:30 slot after this week.

Lateline may be continuing until the end of the year, but no such luck for The Link which has its final episode this Friday night.

The series, hosted by Stan Grant, launched in February as a replacement for 7:30 Fridays (which were itself a replacement for the now-defunct Stateline).

Significantly, ABC will not be having news or current affairs in its place.

Next week ABC screens repeat of The Indian Dream Hotel on Tour before DCI Banks begins a week later.

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  1. This show was absolute rubbish I watched one episode recently where Stan was broadcasting from Wollongong and a more negative show about Wollongong I have never seen the seventies he had the steel mill of port kembla in the background everything was so negative . No vision of the beautiful beaches or coastline the surfing beaches .the steel mill only employs like two thousand people today, tourism and tertiary education are the main employers now .just ignorant show lazy production.

  2. The ABC started The Link because it is very cheap to produce. No investigative journalism, just vox pops with Stan Grant doing too much of it as the journalist. It replaced a highly successful show in Stateline which did in depth research and broke a whole number of important stories. It is a huge shame that the ABC news and current affairs department is being chipped away yet again and replaced with cheap imports. The politicians will be very happy to see this demise as they become even less accountable.

  3. Saw the occasional segment on the Link and have no real comments on the show itself.

    However I did see Stan Grant on the 7.30 Report on a number of occasions and I was very impressed. Very enthusiastic, inquisitive and knew his stuff. So I hope they keep a spot for him at the ABC.

    There must be some great conversations happening at his house, as his wife Tracy Holmes is the best sports journalist in the country. She is also highly intelligent, articulate and inquisitive.

  4. This show won’t be missed, it just doesn’t seem to have found the right format. Felt the street conversations with people always felt awkward and the other stories barely scraped into the general interest category.

    Would like to see them re-instate a stateline/7:30 Friday, or at least extend the local Friday news bulletin with some investigative local content.

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