The X-Files: trailer

The truth is still out there for Scully & Mulder, searching for their son....


The truth is still out there for Scully & Mulder, searching for their son in this new 2018 trailer for The X-Files.

These excerpts are from a Deadline interview with creator Chris Carter:

DEADLINE: Gillian was quite critical earlier this year about what she saw as the lack of women in the writer’s room, what was your reaction to that?

CARTER: Last season, we had two credited women writers so that came as kind of a surprise to me because in fact there were women writing on the show last year. This season, we have three women working on the show. To use the rock band model, we really did put the band back together from the original guys and a couple people who have been with me for a combination of 30 years, so it was really just by and large putting the band back together.

DEADLINE: Speaking of putting the band back together, whom from the X-Files’ history are we going to see on-screen in the upcoming season?

CARTER: You’re going to see Mulder’s half brother who was also an FBI agent and his name is Jeffery Spender. You’re going to see, of course, Mitch Peleggi. You’re going to see the cigarette-smoking man, as you did last season. And you might see some new characters associated with those people and you certainly can expect to learn more if not see Mulder and Scully’s child, William.

DEADLINE: Will William actually be in the show?

CARTER: He’s always been in the show even if he’s been the absent center, but I have to say that that storyline is explored further.

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