Ashes dominate Sunday. ABC drama beaten despite rave reviews.

Ratings: Seven & Nine battle it out with a dire night for TEN, even beaten by SBS at one point.

Nine’s Ashes coverage pulled some of Sunday’s biggest audiences, predominantly out of primetime. At 1.17m / 958,000 / 773,000 it was the biggest crowd outside of News, although the numbers are preliminary.

While Seven and Nine slugged it out, TEN was not even on the carpet.

According to early OzTAM data, Sunday Night won from 7pm at 804,000 ahead of ABC News, a lift by Family Food Fight and The Project. Around 7:30 or so Making Muriel, Secrets of China’s Forbidden City and Bull joined in -with TEN notably behind SBS. Despite that the network says it is up 18% overall on the same night last year….

From 8:30pm 60 Minutes was leading with 622,000 viewers leaving ABC’s acclaimed Friday on my Mind with a disappointing 468,000. Love Actually, Wisdom of the Crowd and The Nineties followed.

In preliminary figures Nine News topped Seven News.

Nine led in primary channel share but Seven network won Sunday with 32.4% then Nine 31.7%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 12.4% and SBS 6.0%.

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.04m then Sunday Night (804,000), Border Security (665,000) and movie: Love Actually (442,000).

In primetime Nine News was #1 for Nine with 1.26m then Ashes coverage (1.17m / 958,000 / 773,000), Family Food Fight (716,000), 60 Minutes (622,000) and Australian Crime Stories (309,000).

ABC News (727,000) was best for ABC then Friday on My Mind (468,000) and Making Muriel (418,000). Classic Countdown was 184,000.

Supercars: Newcastle 500 (Podium: 298,000) led a rank night for TEN. Bull (266,000) was last in its slot then Wisdom of the Crowd (248,000), The Sunday Project (239,000 / 192,000), Family Feud (204,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (194,000).

On SBS it was Secrets of China’s Forbidden City (279,000), The Nineties (157,000) and SBS World News (135,000).

9GO!’s Back to the Future movie topped multichannels with 233,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 26 November 2017

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  1. It’s unfortunate that Friday on my Mind didn’t rate better than it did.I thought it was excellent,particularly the early scenes when the group was trying to make a name for itself.Sadly it seems that a lot of Australians really don’t remember or care about the Easybeats now,even though they were one of our greatest ever rock bands.

  2. I’ve said it before but Nine have no idea how to program after live sport. Because the Ashes rates so well, they are never going to move it to 9GEM, but they should have scheduled the news as 6.30-7.30, and chop the news length should the cricket run later than 6.30pm in Syd & Melb.

    1. While watching the ashes last night the commentator was saying that play is scheduled to finish at 5.30pm Brisbane time which is 6.30pm Melbourne time. So if play is scheduled till 6.30pm why is 9 scheduling the news at 6pm on the epg thus throwing out their programming for the evening?

        1. The EPG data and program info is contained within each channel’s video stream and an entire weeks EPG is sent every few seconds. If an EPG is inaccurate it’s not the technology.
          The Brazillians call it a “BIOS problem” (Burro Idiota Operando o Sistema), translated as Dumb Idiot Operating the System.

    1. Is it my imagination, or is Friday On My Mind a carbon copy of the INXS biopic from a couple of years ago? So many of these biopics look like they were written by someone who printed off a copy of the band’s Wikipedia entry and highlighted the good bits. Then added in a few mandatory fight scenes. Oh yeah, and the compulsory swearing that seems to be the hallmark of all recent ABC commissions.

  3. Its already been brought up but nine is really treating its viewers like nitwits with cricket overruns . No issue with keeping cricket on the main channel (although I would just have it set to go to gen regardless at 6) but then why did they have to continue with the hour news at 630 . Surely they could have condensed it to the half hour and started the rest of night on time

  4. Watched the Muriel’s doco on ABC, absolutely loved it. Had no idea that the new Muriel was Kim’s Daughter!!

    Began watching The Easybeats but found the first 20 minutes boring, switched it off and went to bed.

  5. How is it that Seven are getting 1m+ for Good Doctor, and TEN are getting such low numbers for their US dramas. It’s good that TEN are offering a point of difference to Seven and Nine’s reality and news on a Sunday, but such a shame it’s not working for them. They’ve even stuck with these shows and time slots, which is so rare. Yes, possibly because they have nothing else to fill the time with, but even still, the shows have had time, mainly Bull, to build an audience.
    What can TEN do to bring back their Sunday night viewers? I don’t think a return of Idol or Big Brother would do it.

    1. Content is the main answer. The Good Doctor is simply a better show than Bull or Wisdom of the Crowd (TGD outrates both in the US as well).

      It also doesn’t help that TEN doesn’t have a consistently solid early evening lead in like Seven and Nine do with their news, although in saying that, TEN had the V8s in the afternoon so their lead in would’ve been stronger than normal.

  6. A very tight contest between Seven and Nine, both over 30% in network and 20% in main channel share. Hard to comment on Nine’s prime-time, given every program needs major adjusting, but the Ashes over the weekend at least is where it should be, fantastic ratings and Aussies did very well. News + Sunday Night big audience + Border new episode + Love Actually long movie, kept Channel 7 just 0.3% behind Channel 9. Disappointing numbers for the new ABC shows, but Ten wasn’t even watched, another sad start to their week.

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