Bumped: Gruen XL, Aaron Chen Tonight.

ABC2 has made a late and rather odd programming change tonight.

ABC2 has made a late and rather odd programming change tonight, which moves Gruen XL from an 8:30 start to 9:10pm.

In its place will be a repeat of River Monsters.

So why they change?

It’s not clear but my guess would be to avoid splitting the audience with The Ex PM which is on at 8:30 on the primary channel. Both shows are also produced by CJZ Productions.

Last week Gruen XL pulled 91,000 viewers against The Bachelorette finale.

8:20pm River Monsters
9:10pm Gruen XL
9:55pm The IT Crowd 
10:20pm Aaron Chen Tonight 
11pm Live At The Apollo
11:45pm Plebs
12:35am The Inbetweeners 

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  1. The Ex Pm has been slotted in for weeks if not months and now they decide to move a repeat of Gruen! Forward planning anyone? Perhaps the channel managers should get together more frequently.

  2. Good for me. Last week I had to record one on my PVR and one on my IQ so now I don’t have to. Are Todd and Russell told to overexaggerate their laughter at Will’s jokes. They seem to find some of the unfunniest stuff absolutely hilarious.

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