Bumped: Sisters, Madam Secretary

TEN's new local drama Sisters has been pushed back to a later start-time.

TEN’s new local drama Sisters has been pushed back to a later start-time this week of 9:30pm.

It follows disappointing numbers for the new series from Endemol Shine Australia. Last week it pulled just 218,000 viewers -but that was against the might of the Socceroos.

It has been a disappointing reception for the new drama about a family who discover they have unknown siblings due to a reckless use of IVF.

TEN will replace it with a repeat episode of Law & Order: SVU.

US drama Madam Secretary moves to 10:30pm.

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  1. I am disappointed that this didn’t work as it was well written and the lead was not from casting central, which may have worked against it.

    I hope it does return, we need more drama on commercial TV that has interesting characters that aren’t always likeable.

  2. Darn it. Au shows have no shelf life. You guys kill them before they even gain an audience. I have been watching the show here in California and I love it. But after episode 5 nothing. Has it even been on the air? If feels abandoned.

  3. Not happy with madam secretary being bumped to an even later time.

    Seems silly to move sisters also this late in the ratings.

    Moves like this don’t achieve much but seem designed to annoy viewers.

  4. With only a couple of eps to go, I really don’t see the point of bumping Sisters back to a later time slot.
    I can see why it hasn’t resonated with viewers though – cast is good and it is actually good in parts but overall, hasn’t really hit the mark.

  5. This show has had mass advertising every ad break I’ve watched Channel Ten, especially during The Project. They’ve definitely tried promoting it.

    I dunno what else Ten could have done to get higher ratings for this show. Loss of 50% of viewers since the premiere

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