Studio 10 producer Rob McKnight exits: “Services no longer required”

Passionate producer given marching orders from TEN amid stress & behind-the-scenes drama.

Studio 10 executive producer Rob McKnight has been fired from TEN’s morning show saying, “I am not going to spin a BS line that I resigned.”

His exit follows 4 weeks leave in September, amid reports of behind the scenes tension. McKnight today attributed that leave to stress and being “close to a breakdown.”

Known as a workaholic, he returned thereafter with some studio duties delegated and was upbeat about the job ahead.

Poached from Nine in 2013, McKnight has worked passionately to build the Studio 10 brand from the ground up, originally with producer Adam Boland, but also juggling 2 shows when Boland exited TEN suddenly. The show recently added another hour to its running time and relocated studio space.

Today he issued an email to staff saying, “I always knew my passion would be my downfall and today that day has come.

“It has been an extraordinarily hard 4.5 years where I have worked myself into the ground and I am paying the price for that.

“When Adam Boland broke down, I was working 15 hours a day to keep Wake Up and Studio 10 on air. The pace has always kept up but I believe I have given my all.

“Recently, I was very close to a breakdown (let’s be honest, I was going through a breakdown) which led to my 4 weeks off. While that was a good opportunity to recharge, the ongoing pace of our under resourced show has shown the strains once again.

“Unfortunately, I am not TEN material. I have been informed my services are no longer required. I am not going to spin a BS line that I resigned, I’ve always been a pretty straight up guy.

“Thanks to everyone that supported myself and the show, there are extremely talented people here who really do care about the product we put to air.

“I am sad but not bitter. I wish Studio 10 and everyone who works on it all the very best.”

TEN has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Very sad to read this. He deserves immense credit for his work at Ten (and for cleaning up after me). Rob has more passion for television than anyone I know but maintaining the energy required to run a daily show does take a toll. Looking forward to his next chapter.

  2. I always liked Ten because they seemed the least “cutthroat”. Not sure if the CBS deal has given them some over-confidence, but it would be sad if their culture changed as a result.

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