TEN News delayed for Perth viewers

There are times when a Sydney-produced weekend bulletin is less than ideal for WA viewers.

Media Watch last night highlighted a quirk in TEN Eyewitness News production which it noted impacts viewers in Perth.

In a national bulletin onSunday November 12 TEN reported an 8 year old girl in Perth was clinging to life at Princess Margaret hospital.

However Seven and Nine both told viewers she had tragically lost her life, following a crash at a Perth Motorplex the previous day.

As Paul Barry told viewers, “…on weekends, TEN only has one national bulletin that goes out to all states.

“And it’s recorded in Sydney, where it sits on a shelf for three hours before being dusted off and broadcast to viewers in WA.

“And clearly TEN either couldn’t or couldn’t be bothered to update it.”

WA Police had advised media of her death by 3pm local time, two hours before TEN Eyewitness News told Perth viewers her family was keeping vigil at her hospital bed.

On weekdays TEN has presented dedicated WA news updates from Sydney, during programmes such as Studio 10. But on the weekends it appears there is no fix for such situations, which are exacerbated during daylight saving.

“So why can’t TEN at least update its news for Perth viewers, especially when it’s a big local story?” asked Barry. “We asked Channel TEN for comment repeatedly but it didn’t reply.”

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  1. I used to laugh at Ten News on weekends because they would always have the obligatory “house fire in Adelaide” story, because apparently nothing else ever happens there, but they wanted them to feel included.

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