The Good Doctor upstages ARIAs, Struggle Street.

Ratings: Controversial SBS series is a third of its debut season, while ARIAs isn't enough for Nine to eclipse Seven.

Seven’s Freddie Highmore drama continues to top the ratings, last night again outranking all-comers with 1.05m viewers.

That was twice the size of Nine’s ARIA Awards at 515,000 in preliminary figures, albeit only going head to head for a portion of its broadcast.

Meanwhile Struggle Street, which last season debuted with a whopping 935,000 for SBS, premiered with 304,000 viewers. Attribute that to none of the controversial media attached to the show this time. Previous articles about local council objections were too far back to boost any traction.

Instant Hotel won its timeslot with 608,000 viewers followed by 7:30, ARIA Awards, Jamie’s Night Before Christmas, Screen Time and SBS trains.

At 8:30 The Good Doctor was ahead of ARIAsNCIS, Keeping Australia Safe and Struggle Street.

Seven News, ABC News and The Chase won their slots.

Seven network won Tuesday with 32.2% then Nine 26.1%, TEN 17.5%, ABC 16.0% and SBS 8.2%.

The Good Doctor was #1 for Seven with 1.05m viewers then Seven News 927,000 / 926,000, Home and Away (675,000), Instant Hotel (608,000), The Chase (555,000 / 368,000) and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (407,000).

Nine News led for Nine with 868,000 / 841,000 followed by A Current Affair (722,000), ARIA Awards (515,000), Hot Seat (401,000 / 250,000) and in preliminary figures Harry Styles: Live in Manchester was 215,000.

The Project (501,000 / 322,000) led for TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (465,000), Jamie’s Night Before Christmas (401,000), NCIS (359,000), NCIS: Los Angeles (343,000) and Family Feud (279,000).

ABC News won its slot with 728,000 for ABC then 7:30 (601,000), Screen Time (389,000), Keeping Australia Safe (322,000) and Grand Designs (217,000). You See Monsters was 87,000.

Great American Railroad Journeys and Struggle Street both drew 304,000 on SBS. Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World was 187,000 and SBS World News was 133,000.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom ruled multichannels once more with 202,000.

The Morning Show:  141,000 / 80,000
Today Extra: 96,000 / 63,000
Studio 10: 74,000 / 53,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 28 November 2017


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  1. The Good Doctor is one of the more satisfying US dramas I am watching these days. A real feel good show. Arrow and Supergirl were excellent last night too as part of the 4 show crossover

  2. They need to try and rein in the long speeches at the Arias. A bit of editing wouldn’t have hurt when one of the band members that won an award just kept swearing all the time. I am not a prude but do I really need to hear that? I don’t think so. It got boring but I did enjoy Harry Styles and Daryl Braithwaite.

  3. Wow the good doctor is just smashing it out of the park. Shame it finishes next week. Will miss not having it on Thursday night.
    I watched the arias for the first hr then flicked between ad breaks with the good dr. It wasn’t to bad.

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