Caroline Marcus apologises to Nine

Former A Current Affair reporter turned Sky News presenter has apologised to Nine for recent statements on Credlin in which she suggested Nine failed to act on Ben McCormack.

Marcus had claimed that Nine management was aware of her McCormack’s paedophilic interests but failed to address them.

An unequivocal apology to Nine could be the result of legal letters following her claims.

“On the Credlin project last Friday 8 December, I discussed the recent conviction and sentencing of former Nine network employee Ben McCormack on two counts of child pornography offences,” she has now said on SKY News.

“Some viewers may have understood us to be saying that people who worked with Ben McCormack and Nine and the management of the Nine network and in particular the national news and current affairs director knew of and covered up or turned a blind eye to the pedophile conduct of Ben McCormack.

“Neither SKY News or I intended to suggest that was the case and apologise for any hurt or embarrassment caused by our discussion.”

Source: Mumbrella


  1. You can’t burn your bridges when you leave a job in the media industry. There are only a few employers and you might need to go back to them to get a job. Caroline Marcus realises this and knows she will eventually need another job at Nine sometime down the track.

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